MKV conversion and can do soft subs well?

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MKV conversion and can do soft subs well?

Postby spadekevin » Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:10 am


I've had various issues with subtitles across several Handbrake versions now, including the latest which I believe is 0.9.6. Most of the time I'm simply trying to re-encode MKV anime into iOS friendly MP4. An example of problems I've seen:

* Handbrake doesn't list any subtitle in the subtitle panel, only Foreign Audio Search (bitmap), even though VLC or MPC can display the soft subtitle.

* Handbrake detects the subtitle, but if a soft subtitle is encoded with the resulting MP4, portions of it will be missing, like you'll have sub one minute, and it's gone the next.

So I'm forced to burn-in subtitles, at least the ones Handbrake can pick up. The source files as anime releases go can be all over the place, but for the most part MPC or VLC never has any problem with them, so I don't know what makes Handbrake so special.

Is there an alternative to Handbrake that handles MKV conversion and can do soft subs well?
Please help.

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Thank you.

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