A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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Early 2004:

- Coming from a guild named 'Conjurers of Dread' in another MMORPG called 'Star Wars: Galaxies', five players consisting of Slawface, Chik Magg, Yoho, Lucky, and Onslaught moved to World of Warcraft during the closed beta.

November, 2004:

- World of Warcraft is released on November 24th, 2004

- Originally starting on Archimonde with another fellow guild from SW:G named "The Regulators (TR)", it was clearly apparent after a couple days that Archimonde became unplayable due to the amount of other guilds who also went there as well.

- Original ideas for a guild name included; Thunderskunks, Yoho and Pals, FUN, and using a nod from another MMO both Lucky and Onslaught played, we settled on the guild name Vanquish. The caps were an attempt to separate ourselves from other guilds at the time.

- Three days after release, both TR and VQ (VQ coined by Ossoi from TR) left Archimonde and rerolled on the Laughing Skull server.

December, 2004:

- Mockingcrow joins VQ. We have yet to get rid of him.

- Preparation for Molten Core and the Onyxia raid consisted of 40-man "raids" through dungeons such as Stratholme, Scholomance, and upper/lower Blackrock Spire. These "raids" were a miserable experience that most of us would love to forget and literally took all night to complete.

February, 2005:

- Due to a lack of attuned characters, VQ and TR combine their forces to get their first kill of Onyxia. Inside joke concerning "tanking in berserker stance" is created when the GM of The Regulators refuses to tank Onyxia in defensive stance because berserker stance generates more rage.

March, 2005:

- Dire Maul is released. VQ organizes raids to eliminate the large horde presence occupying the Dire Maul area. Video of the uneventful raid can be found here

- Introduction of world bosses: Azuregos and Lord Kazzak. Much of VQ's negative history originated from these two bosses. Due to our relationship with the Regulators, we were able to farm these bosses at nearly any point of the day or night, preventing our competition from getting the loot and the priest-only epic staff. TR and VQ held a monopoly on the priest staff, one of the two pieces required for the staff dropped off Kazzak and was bind-on-equip, so it funded our guild bank for most of the expansion.

- In an attempt to keep Lord Kazzak from our rival guilds on Laughing Skull, Onslaught kites Kazzak out of blasted lands. Realizing that Kazzak does not leash, we kite him to Stormwind to have some boss vs. boss action. Video of this can be found here and here

August, 2005:

- This was our first big accomplishment as a guild; VQ kills it's first end-tier raid boss. Ragnaros officially VANQUISHED!

April, 2005:

- PvP Honor system is released. Under the impression that PvP in World of Warcraft would be a satisfying and rewarding way to spend our time, most VQ can be found in Hillsbrad "farming" honor.

May, 2005:

- The Leeroy Jenkins video is released. The video features one of our tanks from Molten Core (Jamaal). Jamaal left VQ to rejoin his friends in PALS FOR LIFE after we refused to sell the GM of P4L an arcanite reaper. Being as how we were used to the comedy the Leeroy video offered, most of the original members of VQ were sick and disgusted by the Leeroy Jenkins video.

June, 2005:

- Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley are released. Finally, we can never go back to Hillsbrad!

July, 2005:

- Blackwing Lair is released. The most difficult raid dungeon to date, Blackwing Lair was not without it's imbalances and bugs. For the people who experienced it live, it seemed very much like we were beta testing for future of raids and dungeons. Zoning into BWL and finding a lockout with horde guilds already in your instance, kiting bosses through the entire instance to get a cheap kill, using divine intervention on bosses for another cheap kill, line-of-sight boss mechanics, fire resist gear, Onyxia cloak, etc. Looking back on it now, the instance was a miserable waste of time. But we loved every minute of it.

- Shortly after we first killed Nefarian, we recruited a new warlock, who happened to be female and knew nothing about the encounter, and she was a bit "slow." Atolina, our veteran priest in the guild, hated this girl with a passion because of this so she orchestrated an assassination with all the other priests in the guild. During the Nefarian encounter, when the priest call happened, all the priests targeted the girl and she promptly died. The only thing she could say for herself was "Awwwww, corrupted healing!". To this day she still doesn't know she was assassinated.

- Jago does what he does best and insults a player named Bluescat relentlessly for weeks. Bluescat would die to every mechanic in every boss fight because he wouldn't use gear with stamina on it. He believed stamina was a wasted stat. Eventually, Bluescat was fed up with the remarks made by Jago and left VQ to form a guild with his roommate named 'Deus Vox'. His roommate was a player named 'Mk' who ended up being the GM of DV. This is the only time a guild splintered off from VQ has been a major success in the raiding community.

September, 2005:

- Zul'Garrub instance added.

- The newly introduced 20-man instances created an overwhelming amount interest among our socials within VQ. Because of this, we created a second guild named "The Zerglings" which basically became a 40-man feeder-guild to Vanquish. The legendary rogue known as Lobomos was a member of The Zerglings. During C'thun progression in Ahn'Qiraj, Lobomos didn't have a mount yet made the 15 minute walk back on foot, without a single complaint, and played well every attempt. After the kill, he was promptly invited into the main guild as a raiding member. Lobomos was literally the only thing good that came out of The Zerglings and continued to raid with us until the Cataclysm expansion.

- Mockingcrow acquires the Thunderfury, VQ's first legendary item!

October, 2005:

- World bosses Dragons of Nightmare: Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre and Taerar added into the game.

- The introduction of these new world bosses single-handedly destroyed our relationship with The Regulators. The greed created by these new bosses changed TR from being our allies to being our rivals.

- Due to our newly found rivalry with TR, dramatic tells went back and forth between the two guilds during world bosses. An inside joke concerning a certain phrase Hawthorne dropped one night after we kept wiping his guild on Emeriss eventually stood the test of time. After his raid kept dying repeatedly to our shady tactics, he sent us a tell saying "KEEP IT UP SON, YOU FUEL ME LIKE A MAC TRUCK". It will never be forgotten.

- To combat the distance required to travel to get to each of these dragons, all VQ raiders made level 20 warlock alternate characters with bags full of soul shards and parked them at each of these world boss spawn locations to decrease the time needed to fill a raid at any of the dragon spawns.

Janurary, 2006:

- Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj added into the game. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj added into the game. Faction linked auction houses.

March, 2006:

- We had a player that had followed us from the SWG MMORPG that went by the name of "Falaux". Falaux was a special kind of guy. Doing stuff like this was the norm, so in VQ we had fun with him. One day, our resident Australian decided to see if Falaux could swim. Unfortunately, what was going on in ventrilo wasn't recorded, but it did consist of Falaux blowing up screaming like a girl. Falaux went to get ice cream one day and never returned. We miss him.

- While waiting for one of the world dragons to spawn, we decided to vanquish Rexxar, Champion of the Horde. Unfortunately, Rexxar called in reinforcements in the form of the 'Unfadeable' guild! Video of our 40v40 battle can be found here

- During one of our repeat kills on the Twin Emperors in Ahn'Qiraj, we had the pleasure of tanking with a certain Australian named "Crikeystrike". During a rough night of attempts, on this specific attempt, everything was going perfect. We were finally about to kill this boss again until Crikey mentioned that there was someone knocking at his door. Frustrated with the night of attempts, we told him he should probably just keep tanking and ignore it for now. A couple minutes went by and Crikey said "Guys, she can see me." "Guys, she's waving at me." Apparently, Crikey played with a window beside his computer and the person who was just at his door was now waving at him through the window. "Guys, I made eye contact, what do I do?!" Everyone was in such a state of laughter that we wiped. Crikey never tanked in Ahn'Qiraj ever again.

May, 2006:

- First C'thun kill...on Mothers day! We're horrible people.

June, 2006:

- Naxxramas added into the game.

August, 2006:

- During vanilla we had two players quit the game who left an homage for us. Bojackson, a gnome mage, who had a serious obsession with both gnomes and Mockingcrow. His video (seen HERE) captured some of our best moments from vanilla World of Warcraft.

- The second video was made by Destrukto (or Asian Mark) and it is honestly one of the best things I've ever seen. I think Mark kept fraps on for most of vanilla and just captured some of the greatest moments including the Lord Kazzak raid in stormwind, and our PvP raids into horde capital cities. If you're reading this Mark, we still love you buddy. Video can be found here.

- Due to an overwhelming amount of lag on the Laughing Skull realm during raid time, VQ transfers to the Cho'gall realm.

- Upon arrival on Cho'gall, we realized that we were being trolled by an anonymous hater from Laughing Skull. Our guild name was already in use on Cho'gall, which gave birth to the ultra-annoying capslock + spaces combo in our guild name. The spaces ended up being a blessing in disguise as more "vanquish" guilds would pop up around the raiding community. The spaces were a great way to separate us from the posers.

- Cross-Realm battlegrounds added into the game, world PvP objectives added into the game.

December, 2006:

- Looking For Group interface tool added into the game, Arenas added into the game

- Onslaught and Waldon finish the Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian legendary staves.

- Biovat defects from 'The Dreaded Axis' and joins VQ

January, 2007:

- The Burning Crusade expansion is released

- Level cap raised to 70
- Outland added
- Official alliance mini-iconDraenei and Official horde mini-iconBlood Elf races added
- Paladin for Horde and Shaman for Alliance classes added
- Eye of the Storm battleground added
- Jewelcrafting profession added
- Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Reservoir, Auchindoun, Tempest Keep, Escape from Durnholde Keep and Opening the Dark Portal dungeons added
- Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye and Battle for Mount Hyjal raids added
- Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker world bosses added

May, 2007:

- The Black Temple is added into the game.

July, 2007:

- First Archimonde kill: July 30th, 2007

August, 2007:

- In a highly controversial move, VQ instills the "no girls allowed" policy on recruitment. Drama on our public forums, the World of Warcraft public forums, and elsewhere ensues due to this policy. The idea wasn't entirely that "girls are bad", mostly that "guys cause too much drama due to girls being in the guild". Besides two exceptions (a hunter named Anjeliq and a priest named Atolina) the policy isn't lifted until the latter part of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

- In a race to beat 'The Squirrel Mafia' to an alliance first kill of Illidan Stormrage, we "accidentally" snagged a U.S. 25th placement by killing the boss. This is a turning point for this guild because it was the moment we realized that we could be competitors in the race for world firsts, which happened shortly after during The Sunwell Plateau.

November, 2007:

- Zul'Aman added into the game with guild banks.

Janurary, 2008:

- World of Warcraft reaches 10 million subscribers worldwide.

March, 2008:

- Isle of Quel'Danas, Magister's Terrace, and most importantly, The Sunwell Plateau are all added into the game.

- First Kalecgos kill: March 25th - U.S. 1st (World 1st); kill featured on front page of mmo-champion.com
- First Brutallus kill: March 26th - U.S. 3rd
- First Felmyst kill: March 27th - U.S. 2nd

- The guild website (http://www.vqguild.net) reaches an all-time peak of 1.9 million unique hits during the two weeks after the kill, and 800k users visiting more than two pages. Googling the word "vanquish" put our google search result above the Aston Martin Vanquish webpage during this time. You can't pay for that level of SEO.

April, 2008:

- First Eredar Twins kill: April 11th - U.S. 3rd

May, 2008:

- First M'uru kill: May 15th - U.S. 5th

June, 2008:

- First pulls of Kil'Jaeden resulted in Onslaughts' infamous "OMG LOOK AT ME IMA DRAGON" video. The video was more popular in Europe than the U.S. Video can be seen on this link

- First Kil'Jaeden kill: June 2nd - U.S. 5th

November, 2008:

- Wrath of the Lich King expansion is released.

- Level cap raised to 80
- Northrend added
- Death knight class added
- Inscription profession added
- Strand of the Ancients battleground added
- Utgarde Keep, Nexus, Azjol-Nerub, Violet Hold, Gundrak, Culling of Stratholme and Ulduar dungeons added
- Obsidian Sanctum, Archavon and The Eye of Eternity raids added
- Naxxramas revamped to level 80

- First Kel'Thuzad kill: November 18th - U.S. 8th
- Server first clear of Naxxramas awarded title "Conqueror of Naxxramas"

- First Sartharion kill: November 18th - U.S. 16th

- First Malygos kill: November 19th - U.S. 7th
- Server first clear of The Eye of Eternity awarded title "The Magic Seeker"

- First Sartharion (3 Drakes) kill: November 29th - U.S. 5th

December, 2008:

- First "The Immortal" Achievement: December 9th - U.S. 1st; achievement featured on front page of mmo-champion.com, guild website receives 500k unique hits

- 'The Immortal' Achievement kind of happened by accident. We realized we were on track to completing it after we had three wings killed, and we only had 3 bosses left in Naxxramas. During the Kel'Thuzad encounter, one of our raiders mentioned that we should be aware of anyone that might disconnect, and at that moment, simultaneously, one of our priests disconnected and a void zone appeared under his feet. Super-star Dumbledorf was quick to react and placed a guardian spirit on the disconnected priest. The void zone went off, the boss died, and the achievement spammed on our screens.

January, 2009:

- First Malygos (5 Minute) kill: January 4th - U.S. 12th

April, 2009:

- Ulduar raid added, Argent Tournament added, Dual Specialization added

- First Yogg-Saron kill: April 18th - U.S. 6th

May, 2009:

- First 'Hard Mode' Thorim kill: May 3rd - U.S. 14th
- First 'Hard Mode' Hodir kill: May 5th - U.S. 1st
- First 'Hard Mode' Iron Council kill: May 8th - U.S. 13th

- Due to the amount of guilds on the Cho'gall realm, on May 14th we decided to move to the Blood Furnace realm in an attempt to alleviate the server lag during progression. In an attempt to kill VQ, a small group of players (consisting of two officers and two raiders) waited until we left Cho'gall to transfer to the Alterac Mountains server and join a guild that they had already applied to named 'vodka'. Morale was at an all-time low because we were left on a low-population server with 22 raiding members. We managed to absorb a 10-man guild from our previous realm a few days later and they agreed to transfer to Blood Furnace. That same reset, we got a world 1st achievement. The 'vodka vs. V A N Q U I S H' rivalry begins.

- First 'Hard Mode' XT-002 Deconstructor kill: May 19th - U.S. 1st (World 1st)
- First 'Hard Mode' Freya kill: May 28th - U.S. 15th
- First 'Hard Mode' General Vezax kill: May 31st - U.S. 29th

June, 2009:

- First 'Hard Mode' Flame Leviathan kill: June 2nd - U.S. 66th
- First 'Hard Mode' Yogg-Saron kill: June 21st - U.S. 25th
- First 'Hard Mode' Mimiron kill: June 24th - U.S. 23rd

July, 2009:

- First Algalon kill: July 21th - U.S. 22nd; we managed to beat vodka to this kill and forum drama ensued.

- VQ awarded the title "The Celestial Defender" by defeating Algalon before anyone else on Blood Furnace

August, 2009:

- Superstar, Rhoore, joins VQ

- First "Alone in the Darkness" achievement kill of Yogg-Saron: August 6th - U.S. 13th

- VQ awarded the title "Death's Demise" by defeating Yogg-Saron using zero protectors before anyone else on Blood Furnace

- Crusaders' Coliseum added, Koralon added, Isle of Conquest added, Instance Lock Out feature added

September, 2009:

- Onyxia's Lair revamped to level 80.

- First 'Heroic' Northern Beast kill: September 2nd - U.S. 1st (World 1st)
- First 'Heroic' Lord Jaraxxus kill: September 3rd - U.S. 9th
- First 'Heroic' Faction Champions kill: September 3rd - U.S. 6th
- First 'Heroic' Val'kyr Twins kill: September 4th - U.S. 4th

October, 2009:

- First 'Heroic' Anub'arak kill: October 20th - U.S. 114th

November, 2009:

- First "A Tribute to Insanity" Achievement: November 13th - U.S. 76th

December, 2009:

- Icecrown Citadel raid added. Introducing the limited attempt feature.

January, 2010:

- First Professor Putricide kill: January 6th - U.S. 1st
- First Blood Queen Lana'thel kill: January 19th - U.S. 4th

February, 2010:

- VQ officially gets sponsored by a minor gaming company 'PKCards'

- First Sindragosa kill: February 2nd - U.S. 2nd
- First Lich King kill: February 10th - U.S. 28th
- First 'Heroic' Lord Marrowgar kill: February 16th - U.S. 25th

- Due to the limited attempt feature, multiple raid group requirement for success, a toxic raid atmosphere and a general disgust for the game, VANQUISH decided to take a break from World of Warcraft. This was the end of an era for the guild as our personal lives prevented us from ever raiding 30+ hours a week which really kept us out of the "bleeding edge" arena.

November, 2010:

- VANQUISH returns to World of Warcraft on a semi-hardcore 20 hour-per-week raid schedule, this time, on the Executus realm.

- PvP celebrity, Veev, joins as a raiding member of the team. Veev was part of the 3s team that won the 3v3 tournament at the first Blizzcon. Other PvP celebrities, like Pookz, join our small PvP team

December, 2010:

- The Cataclysm expansion is released.

- Level cap raised to 85
- Official horde mini-iconGoblin and Official alliance mini-iconWorgen races added
- New level 80+ zones added
- Tol Barad World PvP zone added
- Archaeology secondary profession added
- Throne of the Tides, The Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle, Lost City of The Tol'vir, Halls of Origination and Grim Batol dungeons added
- Blackrock Caverns, Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep dungeons updated to level 80+
- Argaloth, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent and Occu'thar raids added

- First Cho'gall kill: December 21st
- First Al'Akir kill: December 28th
- First Nefarian kill: December 31st

January, 2011:

- First 'Heroic' Halfus Wyrmbreaker kill: January 17th - U.S. 69th
- First 'Heroic' Chimaeron kill: January 24th - U.S. 135th

February, 2011:

- First 'Heroic' Atramedes kill: February 2nd - U.S. 17th; using the "Balcony" to achieve this kill, the resident superstars on Executus, 'Ropetown', feels we robbed them of this kill. Forum drama ensues.

- First 'Heroic' Conclave of Wind kill: February 3rd - U.S. 87th
- First 'Heroic' Maloriak kill: February 11th - U.S. 184th
- First 'Heroic' Magmaw kill: February 15th - U.S. 84th
- First 'Heroic' Omnotron Defense System kill: February 16th - U.S. 94th

March, 2011:

- First 'Heroic' Nefarian kill: March 11th - U.S. 59th
- First 'Heroic' Valiona & Theralion kill: March 13th - U.S. 74th

April, 2011:

- Re-opening of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub as level 85 heroics

- First 'Heroic' Cho'gall kill: April 8th - U.S. 68th
- First 'Heroic' Al'Akir kill: April 11th - U.S. 109th
- First 'Heroic' Sinestra kill: April 29th - U.S. 61st

May, 2011:

- First 'Heroic' Ascendant Council kill: May 13th - U.S. 111th

June, 2011:

- Firelands raid zone is added, Dungeon Journal is added

July, 2011:

- First 'Heroic' Shannox kill: July 5th
- First 'Heroic' Lord Rhyolith kill: July 7th
- First 'Heroic' Alysrazor kill: July 19th
- First 'Heroic' Majordomo Fandral Staghelm kill: July 24th
- First 'Heroic' Baleroc kill: July 28th
- First 'Heroic' Beth'tilac kill: July 31st

October, 2011:

-First 'Heroic' Ragnaros kill: October 11th - U.S. 88th

November, 2011:

- Introduction of Transmogrifiers
- New and improved Darkmoon Faire plus new zone: Darkmoon Island
- End Time is added
- Well of Eternity is added
- Hour of Twilight is added
- Dragon Soul is added

December, 2011:

- For the first time in it's history, VANQUISH moves from World of Warcraft to Star Wars: The Old Republic. We started on 'The Fatman' server which ended up being the largest server in the game. We held every server-first kill on every raid boss and on each difficulty. We gave SW:TOR about a year, but the game literally never left the beta testing. It had a phenomenal leveling process but it had absolutely no end-game. The only thing it really had going for it, besides a few respectable raid bosses, and the leveling process, was a PvP battleground called 'Hutt-ball'. Hutt-ball might have been the best part of SW:TOR for the 9 months that we were there. VQ left SW:TOR shortly before the Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft expansion.

September, 2012:

- Mists of Pandaria expansion is released.

- Level cap raised to 90.
- Continent of Pandaria added.
- Pandaren race added.
- Monk class added.
- Pet Battle System
- Scenario system

- For the Mists of Pandaria expansion, due to a small VQ group already on server, we officially moved to the Sargeras realm

- Since SW:TOR had a much smaller raid capacity, when we returned to World of Warcraft, we basically had to reform the guild by recruiting another 10 to 15 raiders. The recruitment process was slow and our first and second raid tier kills reflected this. The entire expansion was just one big recruitment campaign that eventually paid off during the last raid of Mists of Pandaria.

March, 2013:

- Throne of Thunder raid added, World bosses Oondasta and Nalak added

September, 2013:

- Siege of Orgrimmar raid added, Timeless isle added, August Celestials world bosses added

- First 'Heroic' Immerseus kill: September 25th - U.S. 116th
- First 'Heroic' Fallen Protectors kill: September 26th - U.S. 107th

October, 2013:

- First 'Heroic' Norushen kill: October 2nd - U.S. 103rd
- First 'Heroic' Galakras kill: October 3rd - U.S. 90th
- First 'Heroic' Iron Juggernaut kill: October 3rd - U.S. 82nd
- First 'Heroic' Sha of Pride kill: October 9th - U.S. 98th
- First 'Heroic' Kor'kron Dark Shamans kill: October 10th - U.S. 89th
- First 'Heroic' General Nazgrim kill: October 10th - U.S. 82nd
- First 'Heroic' Malkorok kill: October 17th - U.S. 75th
- First 'Heroic' Spoils of Pandaria kill: October 25th - U.S. 78th

November, 2013:

- First 'Heroic' Thok the Bloodthirsty kill: November 5th - U.S. 81st
- First 'Heroic' Siegecrafter Blackfuse kill: November 22nd - U.S. 63rd

December, 2013:

- First 'Heroic' Paragons of the Klaxi kill: December 18th - U.S. 53rd

January, 2014:

- First 'Heroic' Garrosh Hellscream kill: January 10th - U.S. 40th

March, 2014:

- On March 4th, the player who had been raid leading in VQ for about a year, orchestrated a coup. He gave us an ultimatum to either give him guild leadership or he was leaving the guild with a predetermined set of people that he had already spoken with. Naturally, giving him the guild was not an option, so he left with 15 other raiders. It basically came down to the fact that he wanted his own guild, but was reluctant to do any of the work for what he wanted, so like a parasite, he just used VQ as a recruiting pool and propaganda as his ammunition. This was the first time we have had someone besides the GM be the raid leader for this guild and it turned around and bit us right on the ass. VQ was left with a core of 7 extremely loyal players and an infinite source of motivation.

- On March 25th, with a new roster of 32 raiders, we start raiding in heroic Siege of Orgrimmar once again

April, 2014:

- On April 16th, we successfully retaught 18 new players the heroic Garrosh Hellscream fight and have successfully killed Hellscream again. This kill was easily more satisfying than our first kill of this boss.

August, 2014:

- On August 15th, VQ champions, Onslaught and Biovat, uncovered a brilliant scam on an unsuspecting community by the vile paladin from the guild 'Smitus and Friends' known as "Vengeance". Vengeance has been setting up this community for months using the realm forums as a stage for his own "holier than thou" act. Using charity for a poor child with a life altering illness known as "diabetes" as a cover, Vengeance went on a greed-filled crusade taking donations from over 250 different players only to line his own pockets. "Charity" is giving something to someone in need, but in this case, Vengeance only saw an opportunity to increase his own profit. To this day, Biovat and Onslaught are still taking heat from the dumbest individuals of this violated community who cannot see through the great scam that happened that day.

November, 2014:

- Warlords of Draenor expansion released

June, 2015:

- For the first time since it's creation, VANQUISH moves into a multi-game format becoming not just a guild, but a "gaming network".

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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This thread is a constant work-in-progress.

If you're a friend/follower/enemy of the guild and want to contribute any stories or videos worth adding to the timeline, please do!

There are tons of other stories that I just can't remember, so I'll need some assistance from you ex-VQs!

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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Holding this spot for memories and pictures to be posted in the near future

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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jeek wrote:Holding this spot for memories and pictures to be posted in the near future
I'm so excited.

I'm still adding in new stories, still got alot to go

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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2005- Cyan teaches VANQUISH why buttholes are not to be treated as lawnmowers.

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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BT- When we found out ons like cock in his ass.

Full Size

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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^ My favorite raiding team

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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Here are four, no particular order. Full size linked below. These are October and November 2006

1. Getting the Ony buff for Loatheb. I can spot Rixxi from TDS in there.

2. Four Horseman progression. Note Xarol RPing his dick off in /yell.

3. Our first Loatheb kill.

4. My short tenure as an officer in VQ...kicking Xleon from the guild.

Favorite screenshot I can't find: Biovaat and I shooting /tells back and forth in Naxx40 when he was playing DonJohnson and just saying 'DUDE WE'RE IN FUCKING VANQUISH'. Love this guild.

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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Holy crap, this is a name I haven't heard of in ages. I used to be in vanquish for a bit, my toons are still stuck on chogall. lol Great to see you guys doing well, Ons, lobo, shelf, smiley, decima, so many people, oh the feels. Grats on 10 yrs, I might reup for wod, since it's looking like classic/bc-like. I'll look forward to seeing you guys progress through it.

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Re: A decade of VANQUISH! The official VQ timeline!

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What a great thread Ons. Loved the pic of vq and tds getting ready for Naxx. Coltrane... The only other person I have seen with the ancient frost saber old school mount!

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