Do you feel like a good player when playing as Karina/Guiniv

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Do you feel like a good player when playing as Karina/Guiniv

Postby agnesjacob180 » Wed May 08, 2019 4:54 pm


So I made a list of all the braindead / no skilled required heroes. And yes, they are the four heroes in the title. May add in that new mage girl (who I didn't bother to remember her name) since she has 2 escapes. But I didn't play her yet so I must not pass judgement for now.

Basically, anyone who plays these heroes and are good with only these hereos has no right to call themselves good players since they require little to no skills. Some kids who want to think they're good say "but Fanny requires skills". No. Fanny requires practice on using her ropes. Once you get that done. You basically only need to take a buff and can kill enemies without any thinking required, provided you know the basics of ML. A real good player would have the need for decision-making skills, good positioning, good aiming, good mana management, knowing when to attack. You don't do that with Fanny. Unless of course, you 1 vs 5 them. She has no weakness unique to her.

Also, we have 3 heroes that has 2 escapes: Guinivere, Kadita and the other girl. Guinivere for one is a copycat of Chou but made OP with 2 escapes.
Karina? Self-explanatory.

So, do you agree that Karina, Kadita, Guinivere and Fanny are the most no-skilled required heroes in ML? Do you recommend these heroes to be played by kids? I personally do. I know of a 5 year old who excells with Karina in elite. I know it's elite but it's a 5-year old.


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